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Who we are...

Welcome to CB Tools website, we have a collection of free-to-use Web Applications to make your life a little bit easier. Our tools have been designed and developed by experienced Singl.eView Consultant Lee Clifford from Design Develop Test Ltd.

These tools have been born from a drive to always deliver clear and beautiful code as well as to simplify and automate repetitive jobs. We hope you find them as useful as we do.

Lee Clifford

CBDOCS v2 Coming Soon...


All change to be applied to any Singl.eView Application requires some form of discussion and documentation. This documentation is predominately project bases which over time looses some value as other projects get introduced that can build on, change or enhance a solution.

An Organisation can introduce and maintain a set of Enterprise Documents, which are not Project Based, but Component based. These documents are an excellent way to aid in Designers and Developers to get up-to-speed on a specific area without needing background knowledge of all the projects that came before.

So where does CBDOCS fall into this? Each document set has its own strengths and weaknesses. Details Design documents have lots of great detail but very project focuses. Enterprise Documents are domain specific (Rating for instance) but maintaining high levels of detail is time consuming and therefore prone to not getting done.

CBDOCS falls in between these two document sets and attempts to use the strength of each document set to bolster the weaknesses of the other. CBDOCS does this by introducing a middle layer or bridge of documentation that extracts information from Code and Entities within Singl.eView Database which is defined within the Detailed Design documents and then produces a Web Page for each entity with its information presented. The description fields for each entity are displayed on the page along with links to related entities.

So where does the Enterprise document fit into this? Well, with CBDOCS providing a presentation layer for the details of the entities within Singl.eView, the Enterprise document can link to CBDOCS Web Pages to provide the user with details leaving the document to focus on the processes.


We have all been there, you are debugging a function and you have some SQL that you think could be causing you problems so you want to try and run it directly against the Database.

How long does it take to get the SQL from the function? Well, with this tool it will be a lot quicker. This tool will allow you to easily and quickly extract SQL from an EPM function or code snippet.


At Design Develop Test, we make every effort to ensure the code we produce for our customers is clear, well commented and easy to read. Why do we do this? Because we believe it is easier to find bugs in beautiful looking code.

We have seen a lot of messy code when adding SQL into EPM functions. This is a time consuming process, so we have automated it, making it faster and easier to keep your code looking clean and easy to read.

Format Trace Output

I have lost count of the amount of times I have leant over a keyboard at my desk, debugging some large output trying to work out if the values I am expected have been passed.

It was this time consuming process, scanning through lots of text to find a single value, that made me want to write the Trace Scan tool. This tool takes a snippet of the trace file and breaks it apart into a more human readable format. Hopefully you will also find this useful.

Function Description

How many times have you needed to find out what a function does, only to find the description on the functions says [DESCRIPTION HERE].

This tool allows you to paste in the description of a function from a unformatted set of text (such as from a Detailed Design) and ensures the lines break on a defined width. Not only that, but pass in the function definition as well and get the Paramaters and Returns template as well.

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If you have found a problem or would like to suggest an improvement then please get in touch with us via our support e-mail address support@design-develop-test.com and we will get in touch with you.

If you find a problem, please provide us the inputs so we can re-create the issue and get the code updated.

Other Q&A

New Tools

If you have an idea for a new online tool and would like us to host it, then we would love to hear from you. All tools you see here are written in Perl and have a CGI and JS wrapper to access the code within a Module.

To host your tool with us, we will need all the logic contained with a Perl Module as well as information and a profile picture about you, links to your own site and social media pages and of course your unit test results. We will then create the page and wrapper functions and do the final unit testing with you before go-live.

There is no money in it I am afraid. I will put pages and host the tool, but all this is done off my own back for the benifit of the community. However if that ever changes and some lovely people would like to fund the site, then the 'working for free policy' will definitly change.