Encodes your SQL statement into EPM using a specific function...

How to use

This tool takes an SQL statement (command or query) and encodes the EPM wrapper for you using an EPM database function. Simply paste in the SQL that you want to use and then select the indent level that you need. If you plan to use this in Expression Test, then the opening and closing function brackets can be added by clicking on the checkbox.

The next step is to then select the EPM function you want to use and then type in the variable name you wish to assign to the SQL. This encoder will always assign SQL into a string variable, which is then assigned to the SQL function. This is a more readable format for SQL statements longer than a few lines. Once complete, click the 'Encode EPM' button and the EPM will be printed into the box below.

The Input

EPM Command

Level of Indentation needed

Use in Expression Test?

Variable Name for SQL (optional)

The Output

Click the Encode button above and your EPM snippet will be printed below